Disneyland After Dark

Stengade 30, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

November 12, 2011, quite the special date for Danish (and worldwide with good travelling possibilities) rock-fans as D-A-D was throwing a release party for their latest album with the provoking title DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK (yeah, read it out and you’ll see why it looks so complicated).
Actually, and I can’t recall how many, some of the tickets for the event were handed out as prizes for winning a radio competition in Denmark, Sweden or Germany, whereas the rest were put on sale exclusively for Net Pet’s, the free online fanclub for the band.

Coming into the club Stengade 30, we were generously greeted by free beer in the bar, and in the concert section of the building the video and various behind-the-scenes clips from the first song with a video, I Want What She’s Got, was playing on repeat to set the mood for the evening (go check it out if you haven’t seen it already, or watch it again if you have), and already when we turned up, the fairly packed place was already high in spirit and anticipation for the upcoming mini live concert the boys were going to play for us.

”A free beer to anyone who sings along!”
- Jacob ’Cobber’ Binzer (guitars)

Not that promising such a reward would do much difference, as beer was free for everyone all night long, but a little bit of incitement wasn’t a bad idea as the first part of the set consisted solely of material from the new album; starting with the upbeat and up-tempo opener A New Age Moving In got the crowd shouting (although I doubt anyone actually sang the song as it were), and D-A-D kept the heavy fuzz-rock going in The End after which they went on to The Last Time In Neverland, a song I surely hope does not predict the bands future...
Through all this, and the rest of course, the members of the band displayed their singular capabilities of delivering a killer show which entertains its audience to the max. Heck, even though the stage was incredibly small, and the roof was so low that if you jumped you’d hit you head, bassist Stig Pedersen still had the urge to climb up on top of things. The drumkit couldn’t really do it, so this time the on-stage speakers got their turn. He couldn’t stand on them of course, so instead he lay there on his back whilst playing. For the very same low-roofed reason, the rocket helmet and the levitating drums weren’t sound ideas this night, but even without these special gags and antics the show came out gripping and lively, mainly due to the experienced party people D-A-D are.

After a mere six songs, the first part of the set was over and the band-members left the stage for a short breather before the second part would begin; the crowd wasn’t getting much use of the breather though as they shouted loudly for the band from the moment they left and didn’t let up until their rock heroes were back in position again.
The second part of the set would prove even shorter, although this time the sing-along parts resounded a bit better as the setlist this time solely consisted of older material; from -00’s Everything Glows all the way back to -87’s I Won’t Cut My Hair which got to end the musical excursion of the evening.
If you hadn’t quite had your fill of rock ’n’ roll yet though, the bar stayed open, the video came back on and the members of the band joined the floor for photo-opportunities and general chat-time with the enthusiastic fans. I can’t say what the time was when we finally moved on, but I can say that we moved with a profoundly positive mood, and with another great concert in the long line of great concerts this band generously serve up all the time...


A New Age Moving In
The End
The Last Time In Neverland
Breaking Them Heart By Heart
I Want What She’s Got
The Place Of The Heart
Isn’t That Wild
Everything Glows
I Won’t Cut My Hair

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