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Grøn Koncert, Copenhagen - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Grøn Koncert is a travelling one-day festival here in Denmark which has been around for a long time now, and it’s always good for a nice mellow party with some good friends and good music.

Due to a late arrival on our part, and the fact that the festival was sold out, we were unable to get up front and instead opted for an overprized beer and just try to get as far as we could while still feeling comfortable. Luckily for us, the stage where D-A-D were playing had an unusually long catwalk, which the bandmembers weren’t afraid of putting to good use, so in the end it turned out that our places were quite good. Before long, we also got to see the reason for its length, but more on that later...

After a short taped intro, D-A-D came marching on and started the show in great rock fashion with Evil Twin, and from there on out there was a full on party with songs both old and new; though for some reason Helpyourselfish, Simpatico and Scare Yourself were completely left out. Still, it was a stellar setlist which bid us classic after classic, and the only time the energy went a bit down, was when Jesper and Jacob Binzer performed their now well-known duet of Laugh ‘N’ A ½ in the encore section, a place where the energy in all rights should be a bit more mellow.
But when it comes to D-A-D, you should know that the setlist is only a part of the overall performance, maybe even only a small part. The large part is to see and experience what new craziness they have thought up to entertain us with.
The show here at Grøn Koncert held several D-A-D classics, like Stig Pedersen’s flight helmet lined with fireworks, or the “Kom så Laust...” chant. The stage was also rigged with loads and loads of pyro effects, which the band made frequent use of throughout the show.
The most interesting, and surprising, new addition became apparent the first time in Bad Craziness. All of a sudden Laust Sonne disappeared for a short while, only to re-emerge through the floor of the catwalk on a new drumkit rising from below!
The trick was repeated during Marlboro Man, while doing the aforementioned chant. This time Jesper Binzer joined Sonne on his platform, and they were both lifted high, high up in the air.

Now, this was a festival gig, and for a small festival (counted in time), so of course the set had to be run through at a certain pace, but Jesper still found time to chat and have a laugh with the audience. At one time he told the crowd to shout to the soundguy to turn everything up, as this was the last gig of the evening, and when nothing happened he was quick to add; “Yeah, well he’s deaf anyway.”
He also reminisced about old times, when the bandmembers had been, quoting; “young, thin, handsome, and very tired...” which of course led us in to the mega-hit Sleeping My Day Away, which the audience got to sing most of the lyrics for.

All in all, this was as much fun as ever with these guys, and well worth the entire festival ticket price.

Setlist (incomplete):

Evil Twin
Point Of View
Everything Glows
Grow Or Pay
Riding With Sue
The Road Below Me
Monster Philosophy
Bad Craziness
Sleeping My Day Away
Laugh ‘N’ A ½
Marlboro Man

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