Disneyland After Dark

Falconer Salen, Copenhagen - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

“Fucking hell Falconer!”
- Jesper Binzer (vocals/guitar)

Yes, the time had finally come for D-A-D to take the stage, now for the second time in Falconer Salen.
The show the day before had been completely sold out, and in such good time that some kind soul had decided to host a second bonus show for us, and I needn’t tell how much this thrilled this reporter.
Conflicting schedules had prevented me from seeing the first show, but you can still see photos from it taken by our own Lunah Lauridsen on this site.

But back to the evening at hand.
As I mentioned, this was a bonus show as the first one was sold out, but that wasn’t all it was; this was also the final concert of the tour, and if this wasn’t enough to get the energy pumping, this show was also filmed for future purposes.
Yes, this truly was a night with a lot of things going for it. As far as I could find out, this night was not sold out as the other one had been, and true enough there hadn’t been all too many in the crowd for the support bands The Joke and The Floor Is Made Of Lava, but when it was time for D-A-D the place seemed packed! Both balconies had to be guarded as there could not be more people on them, and on the floor it was near impossible to move around (an interesting side-note is that Lunah explained to me that the place had not seemed as packed the day before where more tickets had been sold).

As soon as the band hit the stage it was clear that they were taking no prisoners this night, and the party was well and truly kick-started with A New Age Moving In, which in turn was quickly followed by Jihad. Even though I was surprised to hear this song so early in the set, it did its job and turned the volume of the party up to eleven! Jacob ‘Cobber’ Binzer took the catwalk for some blistering guitar work as the rest of the band was scorched by pyrotechnics in the back. Yes, if anyone ever asks you again why there is no fuel left for the pilgrims, you can tell them it’s because D-A-D spent it all on fires for their stage shows.
Next was another new one in the form of The End, after which Jesper Binzer said that we would now hear 30 seconds of still drumming from Laust Sonne, and that we should value this time as it would be the last of it for the rest of the show. Slowly the drums began, and we quickly picked up that the song coming was Everything Glows, which would then come into bloom with more fires in the back of the stage and a lot of jumping in front of it!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not even going to explain this...”
- Jesper Binzer (vocals/guitar)

At this point the ecstatic shouts of the crowd was reaching critically deafening levels, and as I looked around I was surprised to see people sitting down up on the balconies. Down on the floor where I was there was no such behaviour allowed however as everyone headbanged, sang and danced in one big, blissful mess. This was to be taken advantage of by the band, which led us into the first official sing-along in Monster Philosophy, something which was, with great success, later repeated in I Want What She’s Got.
As always with D-A-D, there were both new, inventive parts of the performance, and also some classic parts which never go out of style. In the former, we had the part where, during I Want What She’s Got again, we were to sing “We want what Laust got!” as the entire drum podium began to move and rolled out to the middle of the catwalk, where it then tipped 90 degrees forward so that Sonne now played while hanging strapped to his chair above the drumkit! We also got to see Cobber sit down at a grand piano during We All Fall Down, something he handled very nicely.
In the latter section, we of course had Stig Pedersen’s rocket bass and sparkler spraying helmet run during Sleeping My Day Away, this day enhanced by a beautiful, star-filled sky and a full moon showing on the video wall in the back. Nice one!

Yes, the band was giving it their all tonight, as was the audience, so it wasn’t surprising that we were awarded with not one, but two encores! (yes yes, so it was the same as for the rest of the tour, but that’s felt irrelevant at the time...)
The first one contained the new song The Place Of The Heart and the aforementioned Sleeping My Day Away, whereas the second started out with the two brothers doing an acoustic duet of Laugh ‘N’ A ½, which was then followed by a beautiful rendition of It’s After Dark where it was Sonne’s turn at the grand piano.
This marked the musical end of the evening, but I’m sure that everyone leaving this show was so pumped with positive energy that the night was actually only beginning...


A New Age Moving In
The End
Everything Glows
Lords Of The Atlas
Monster Philosophy
Riding With Sue
Last Time In Neverland
Grow Or Pay
We All Fall Down
I Want What She’s Got
God’s Favourite
Bad Craziness
The Place Of The Heart
Sleeping My Day Away
Laugh ‘N’ A ½
It’s After Dark

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