Kulturbolaget, Malmoe - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

To the thunderous sound of roars and a chanting of We Rock from the audience, Dio finally took the stage and made a powerful opening with the classic track Holy Diver. All arms immediately went into the air, and they didn't come back down until 1½-2 hours later when the show was over.
All the old classics where covered one by one, and the audience was ecstatic. At one point Dio said that they were going to play a cover track though, and I must admit I got a bit confused. When you are one of the biggest rock legends of all time, who could you possibly feel the need to cover a song from? When he announced the title though, it all made sense. He had chosen to cover himself, or more precisely an old Rainbow song; Temple Of The King. This was, as everything else, extremely well received by the audience.

What I find most distinct about Dio is his amazing vocal capabilities, and it just stands to prove that they have in no way lessened over the years. On the contrary, I thought he sounded better than ever before, and both Dio himself and the rest of the band delivered an outstanding show, which they seemed to have a lot of fun with it themselves as well.
It was great seeing such an icon doing a smaller club gig like this instead of playing in some big old arena. It made it all the more intimate, and I loved every minute of it. The only thing I would even consider changing would possibly be the long drum- and guitar-solo, since I'm of the opinion that an extra song or two would be more appreciated. But then again, crowds love clapping along, and it's probably a nice little break for the rest of the band as well.


Holy Diver
Killing The Dragon
The Eyes
Don't Talk To Strangers
Solo (Simon Wright)
Sacred Heart
Rainbow In The Dark
Temple Of The King (Rainbow cover)
Kill The King
Solo (Craig Goldy)
Lord Of The Last Day
Rock 'n' Roll Children
Stand Up And Shout
Man On The Silver Mountain
Catch The Rainbow
Long Live Rock And Roll
Last In Line
We Rock


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