Dickless Tracy

Metaldays - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

So, we were back in the presence of the mighty grindcore band Dickless Tracy. If you haven’t heard about them before, you haven’t checked our site regularly enough, we wrote about them back in 2013 when they also played Metaldays.
At that time my review ended with the line; “Let’s see if they don’t make it back for a fourth year soon…”
Well, they did, only two years later, and even though the stage had changed from main to 2nd, the schedule was better as they were playing later in the afternoon this time around.

“Hello. We are Dickless Tracy, and we play rock ‘n’ roll. On bad equipment.”
- Tomi ‘Tzeppo’ Cepanec (vocals/guitar)

The line-up of the band had changed a little since the show two years prior, and the band had shrunk from a quartet into a three-piece. Jernej ‘Horzs’ Rejc was the new bas wielder, and the core was still made up of the Cepanec brothers, Tomi on vocals and guitar, and Ivan ‘Tegla’ Cepanec on drums. We had seen Ivan Cepanec a short time before on the same stage, when he was playing in the thrash metal outfit Eruption (also reviewed here), but apparently he hadn’t gotten enough of the heat, and was happily back for more!
Like last time, there wasn’t a whole lot of action in the band, where Rejc mostly took it easy and looked content, and the other two were naturally bound to the mic and drums. Both of the Cepanec brothers spoke quite a lot during the show however, Ivan mostly in Slovenian and in a familiar tone which made it look like he knew the people he spoke to (probably did), and Tomi mostly in his exaggerated bad English and a little bit in even worse German. I say exaggerated, because I know he adds a level of broken dialect on there for the humour of it, which in combination with some of the things he says, adds up to a hilarious show!

“We’re gonna take you back to our first album, from at least two years ago! I don’t know what it’s about, because the lyrics are in English.”
- Tomi Cepanec (vocals/guitar)

The lack, although not complete absence, of physical action in the band seemed at first reflected in the small crowd that had gathered from the start. However, it didn’t take long for more and more people to pour in, and in time with that, the crowd also got busier. A small mosh came to life, and around it other people headbanged, shouted a bit, and had a wonderful time. Again, not the wildest bunch ever seen, but there was definitely not one bored person present, as the entertainment was top-notch!
We too were greatly entertained, and I would certainly not shy away from a third visit to this bands extremely macabre, extremely loud, and extremely funny part of the universe!
There really is only one thing left to comment on – that face!!! (if you’ve seen Dickless Tracy live, you know what I’m talking about)


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Anathema (Possessed By Christ)
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Rotting Reality
Sͮtrajk Prasͮicͮev
Everhaunting Presence
Nuklearna Drzͮava
They Killed Kenny
The Curse Of Michael Myers
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