Devin Townsend Project

Metaldays - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Sure, we had already seen Devin Townsend Project once this year, but when given the chance, who wouldn’t want to see them again? So thank you Metaldays for this wonderful opportunity.

“My name is Devin, and I invite you all to fucking suck it!”
- Devin Townsend (vocals/guitar)

Impressively, the gig wasn’t a copy-paste version of what we had seen earlier this year, that was apparent from the first song played. Sure, festival gigs are a different format than having your own concert, but still most bands would keep to the same setlist, and at the very most just change the number of songs to fit into whatever stage-time they got.
Not Devin Townsend though, he had completely rearranged the show, and even though some songs were present at both gigs, it was still completely its own thing at this place. I was especially glad to see the return of my present favourite, March Of The Poozers, but there were of course so many other goodies as well, from all three of his major later day projects.

“Are you hot? I’m hot! Together, we are hot as the balls in Beavis’ shorts!”
- Townsend (vocals/guitar)

As the weather had definitely improved over the beginning of the day, more people had also shown up for the gig, and Devin Townsend and his band mates could now gaze upon a field that wasn’t exactly filled, but still with a very respectable amount of people standing in it. Heck, the Metaldays crowd was even glad to be there, and weren’t afraid to show it! From cheers and applause in the beginning, through a moshpit which started up somewhere around Namaste, the heat was rising so fast the security personnel had to hose the crowd down with water to keep things under control – not surprisingly, this only brought more enjoyment to the audience!

“Holy shit, look at all those port-a-potties! There’s some risky business tonight, huh?”
- Townsend (vocals/guitar)

The band had their own way of bringing enjoyment as well of course. As always, Townsend himself was incredibly present and aware of the crowd, and the musicians were all smiles and positive energy. Townsend had a million silly jokes at his disposal, and he had a giant guitar with a smoke machine inside of it, which he used during March Of The Poozers. After which, he played the role of the show-off, asking how many of us owned a guitar with a smoke machine in it.
After fondling his own nipples for a bit, going down on his knees together with the rest of the string bending section of the band for posing, and of course playing another masterful gig, it was of course time for Devin Townsend Project to say goodbye for this time, which was done in the same state of humour that the rest of the show had been delivered in.

“We can’t thank you enough! Well, we probably could, but it would take a while, so fuck it!”
- Townsend (vocals/guitar)

As you can imagine, this was yet another highly enjoyable concert from Canada’s finest (sorry Anvil).
It wasn’t quite up and ranking amongst the best Devin Townsend Project concerts I have seen, but this band has such a high low point that it is still above what so many other bands reach even on a good day, and this wasn’t even the worst Devin Townsend Project, so yes, we had a great time.


Night (Devin Townsend cover)
Namaste (Devin Townsend cover)
Deadhead (The Devin Townsend Band cover)
March Of The Poozers
A New Reign
Bastard (Devin Townsend cover)
Kingdom (Devin Townsend cover)

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