Metalfest - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

”Freibier für alle!”
- Marcel 'Schmier' Schirmer (vocals/bass)

It would have been sweet if Schmier spoke words of honesty here, but even without the free beer, it was clear to see that this was a German band which had the native crowd behind them.
The place was packed, in stark contradiction to the empty place we had witnessed for band just before them. Not only this, but it didn’t take long to see that they had also pulled the funny-men of the German festival goers as well, there was one crowd-surfing guy who wore a teddy bear costume, there was a headbanging guy who had taped an inflated sexdoll to his shoulders, and there was a general throwing of toilet paper up on the stage, especially during the song Nailed To The Cross. I’m never quite certain if I should take this as the joke (I hope) it is intended as, or go with the feeling that this is just too over-the-top silly for me, but whatever way I go, I cannot contest that this is an activity which is hugely popular at festivals. Appearing freakish that is.

Anyway, up on the stage this behaviour did not seem to disturb the band in the least, but then again, they are themselves Germans, and as such is probably used to it.
Schmier and co. blasted their thrash metal out of the speakers from the second they set foot on stage, and the only breaks in the onslaught came with the many comments Schmier laid down between songs.
As it was all in German however, there was very little I could understand of it. There was something about Smoke On The Water right before they played Bestial Invasion, but I honestly don’t know what these two tracks have to do with each other…
Other than that, Destruction’s gig played out without any mayor problems on this sunny day. There was a point where the printed screens they had set up in front of the stage speakers were almost blown away by the wind, but the able stage-crew was quickly on the spot and securing the runaway decorations to their places.

All in all, this was a well created and professionally delivered thrash gig which I’m sure pleased many of the gathered fans. However, I am equally sure that it will not be one gig to remember down the ages, as it didn’t really offer something new or unique. A well-done, albeit slightly average show if you ask me.

Setlist (incomplete):

Hate Is My Fuel
Nailed To The Cross
Bestial Invasion
The Butcher Strikes Back
Total Desaster 2000

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