The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After Extrema it was time for Vienna based Demolition with their blend of trash with a hint of old school death metal. This style also made Demolition the most brutal of tonight's acts, as Extrema played a form of hardcore/thrash mix and headliner Death Angel played a more pure form of Bay Area thrash.

The crowd was still very small, but they were a bit more active than they had been to Extremas show. Ironically, Demolition struck me as doing much less to actually get the crowd going. There wasn't too much talking in between songs and the only one who was really looking like he was having a great time on stage was their Italian guitarist Janos Murri, who actually displayed a whole lot of humor cracking weird faces all the time, and generally goofing off. Of course, it was his birthday as well, and before the last song of the set we were all led by Wolf Süssenbeck (vocals) into singing Happy Birthday for him, which he seemed to enjoy.
As for the others, it just seemed to be one more show among a lot of others, no more no less. The songs were powerful and intense enough, yes, but I lacked a genuine feeling of being involved.
As a special guest appearance I saw a couple of the guys from Mercenary walking in the audience. Actually being part of the tour, I am not sure why Mercenary weren't playing here as well.

Demolitions show was the weakest part of the evening in my opinion, but I think it was a matter of taste since the more brutal stuff has never really been my cup of tea. Others seemed to enjoy it thoroughly enough.


Reborn / Re-failed
Deconstructed World
The Fortress
Third Of Nine
Over Nails
I Am Terror
Holy Hostage


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