KB, Malmö - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

From Zonaria’s urban warfare style into a classy shirt and tie style, it was now time for Degradead.
Also Degradead had for this day been allowed to put up their own backdrop, but they were still borrowing Zonaria’s drumkit; probably as this would have been too time-consuming to change.

As I had been positively taken with Degradead the day before, I was looking forward to actually seeing their entire show this time around.
It all started with a humming noise complemented with some piano play as an intro, and then the band came on with a blast.
As I was a bit more prepared for what was coming this time around I actually ended up liking this show even more than the one they played in Copenhagen; a little familiarity goes a long way.

The crowd had definitely grown from Zonaria’s show, but they were still taking it rather easy. Arms were raised, and so were voices from time to time, but there weren’t any big moshes or anything breaking yet.
Still, the band gave it all they got, and all the small and cluttered stage would allow (Satyricon’s drum and keyboard rig took up a lot of space).
Sadly, the lighting had not improved one bit from Zonaria to Degradead. There were still almost no frontlights lit, which meant that the band only came off as dark silhouettes on stage and we lost all the expression they most likely had as they played their hard-hitting melodeath at full speed. The fact that you can see something at all on the photos only bears witness to Lunah’s skill with a camera.

Still, once again I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Degradead’s company, and my hat goes off to Mikael Sehlin (vocals) as he after the show threw shirts and CD’s out to the audience from the stage. Maybe not the best salestrick, but definitely a good way to get your music spread!


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