Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Canadian brutal death metallers Gorguts were on the move again, and for their Copenhagen show at Pumpehuset, they had two Danish upcoming death bands supporting them, the first of which was Defilementory.

First of all, I would like to point out that these guys looked really young; and for good reason, some of them are just a short way out of upper secondary school! The reason I bring this up is not because I actually care how old they are or have any intention of letting their age affect my judgement; no, it was simply because it took me by surprise to see youngsters of that age play such an undiluted form of brutal death metal, pure old-school without any modern influences. I know their biography states that they on their demo Infatuation With Deformity brought in some more atmospheric stuff, but on that stage, it all sounded pretty brutal to me.

In front of the stage was a very small gathering of people, but even so the band garnered loud shouts and several rounds of applauds between their songs, and during them there were even a few break-neck headbangers in the front who were showing off their might. Not bad for a band who has yet to release their first album (rumours say it will land late 2012 on Torture Music Records), but I could understand the appeal.
On the stage, the band was working out pretty well, with vocalist/bassist Thomas Fischer pulling some pretty wild/weird faces and the man above them all, drummer Richardt Olsen bouncing up and down on his stool while looking thoroughly pleased with the situation! Guitarist Simon Klem Kannegaard was a bit too involved with his instrument to begin with, but after a while he loosened up and got some eye-contact with the crowd and began having fun with doing a little bit of posing and headbanging which really helped his performance, whereas guitarist Johnny Panduro Jacobsen (the guy with the beard) always stood like a stone-statue, staring rather blankly out over the crowd when I turned my gaze to his side of the stage.

The music, as I mentioned, was a pretty much straight-forward chugga-chugga death metal in the vein of the late 80ies, early 90ies American bands, and it was just technical enough to keep it from becoming a monotonous drone of heavy buzzing; especially The Art Of Slaughter had a very surprising and odd break in it. The music was not exactly my cup of tea, but I bet fans of this type of thing would enjoy Defilementory.
Even with only 30 minutes to play, the boys were very good at managing their time, with Fischer having time to say a few comments between almost every song, and the band announcing the final track no less than three times! Ok, so I didn’t time them, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they were allowed to play for a bit longer than they were supposed to, but at this time it didn’t matter, as they were now warmed up and actually quite enjoyable to watch.
The set consisted both of songs from their aforementioned demo and the EP Gory Defilement, as well as songs from their upcoming full-length. The Soullessness... (Collapse) was one of these songs, and also announced as a song the band had ever played live before. Not at it made much difference for me, as I had never heard any of the bands’ songs before, but there you go.
As I mentioned, the band themselves have mentioned a an inclusion of a more atmospheric sound from the demo and forward, but that was pretty hard to hear in the live-version, even though the sound wasn’t at all bad at the show. I guess you’ll have to check out the recorded material to find out for yourself what they meant by this.

Even as I entered into this with some trepidation, I must admit that Defilementory rose to the occasion and delivered a good warm-up show for Gorguts. Given a few more years to mature in, I believe this band will make a fine addition to the old-school death scene.


Misanthropic E. (Liquid)
The Art Of Slaughter
In Soullessness... (Collapse)
Aroused By The Suffering
Abhorred Veracity (Bereave)
Humanity Extracted


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