Royal Arena, Copenhagen - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As the Royal Arena opened in Copenhagen, Metallica was lined up for a four-concert extravaganza. This almost happened, but more on that in the Metallica review.
Anyway, supporting them were four local bands, one band per evening, picked by fan voting beforehand. On the final night, Defecto had the honour of opening for the heavyweight champions of heavy metal.

Now, I would imagine that this is a pretty big deal to any band, playing with the big boys for one thing, but the added exposure surely can’t be looked down upon either. Sure, the arena was far from filled as Defecto hit the large special stage in the middle of the room, but there was still a large number of people present to give them a listen.
And give them a listen they would! Defecto hit the stage with much gusto, and even though frontman Nicklas Sonne was operating with an injured leg (he had one of those large contraptions on to stabilize it), he joined Frederik Duus Møller (guitar) and Thomas Bartholin (bass) in utilizing the large stage to the fullest. They moved around on all four sides, made use of the many microphones, and even had time to pose together now and again.

“Are you excited to see Metallica? Is it ok if we play one more song? I said, is it ok if we play one more song?!”
- Nicklas Sonne (vocals/guitar)

Having the extra space provided from not having the place packed yet, I figured it was as good a time as any to try out different positions in the arena. Defecto had a quite good, and especially well-mixed sound, where every instrument was clearly discernible, but I noticed that the higher up I walked among the isles of seats, an echo muddled the sound somewhat, and oddly we lost some of the low-end sound.
Sound is only one aspect of the show though, and even though I’m not familiar with their material, I felt that Defecto delivered everything the way it should be delivered. I’m sure they had a great time, they gave me a good time as well, and they got a good response from the crowd throughout. What more can you ask for?

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