Copenhell - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Danish Defecto have moved up in the world, from us first seeing them at a small club in Copenhagen, to them supporting Metallica last year. We didn’t see their first visit to Copenhell back in 2016, but now they were back, and so were we.

“Are you drinking any water? I am, but I’m kind of a little bitch!”
- Nicklas Sonne (vocals/guitar)

It was a little past 3 PM, and the sun was hot in the sky. Still, Defecto had managed to pull a well-sized crowd to the Hades stage, albeit they were a bit calm. Well, the day was still early, and the weather did take some of the effort out of us.
Not the band though, who were proving very active on the stage - they had obviously not spent the last three days drinking and hanging out at as many concerts as possible. Especially Frederik Duus Møller (guitar) gave an impressively energetic performance, as he was all over the place, posing as much as he possibly could, and that can only be commended in my book. After some time, he got Thomas Batholin (bass) with him to stand on the drumkit at the start of Excluded. One foot each of course, but still.

“Can you keep warm? Do you want more?! Well, you’re fucking getting more!”
- Sonne (vocals/guitar)

Now, I know I said the crowd wasn’t the most active one, but that should not be understood as they weren’t interested in the band. Defecto got a very good response for their efforts between songs, and there were even a couple of fans that had brought their own large, home-made Defecto banner along.
Sonne on his side, was more than happy to entertain with jokes and the like between songs, so all in all, it was a very nice show. Not one that’ll stand out in the course of time, but very positive while it lasted.

Setlist (incomplete):

Final Night Of Silence

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