Metalcamp - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Opening the third musical day of the Metalcamp holidays was Poland’s masterminds technical death metal, Decapitated.

They stormed the stage while the day was still young, and started to shred us to bits from the very first second, however, as it was still early morning, not many people had turned up for the slaughter.
To be completely honest, the crowd was really small, even with Decapitated’s rather high reputation within its genre, and the only reason I could guess my way to was the combination of the scorching weather and hangovers from partying the day before. Even though they were quickly attracting more and more people, the crowd was still left wanting in terms of size throughout the show.
Still, it shall also be remembered that the few who had met up decided to take full advantage of the spacious grounds in front of the stage, in the form of a furious, albeit small, moshpit, which I found quite impressive considering the massive heat we were experiencing.

The band was whipping up a storm up on the stage as well, with a rather lively performance and loads upon loads of wild headbanging. Leading man Rafal Piotrowski proved his worth by firing up the assembled crowd the best way he could, and he didn’t loosen his grip throughout the show.

I must say that musically this is pretty far from anything that speaks to me, but it was nice to see that they made an effort even in the early hour that they were playing, and I’m sure that they managed to get a lot of hangovers shaken out of the heads of their audience, so that they would be ready for another day of crushing metal music.

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