The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The ideal soundtrack to your next killing spree!
(quote from Debauchery biography)

Debauchery was the second band of the night, warming up for Destruction.
Hailing from Germany they gave the few of us that had come by a dose of über-brutal death metal.
I say the few as there, at this time, were only a handful of people populating The Rock and only a very small group of these were standing in front of the stage, headbanging away.
Of course, the date was probably not so well picked for the show, as Motörhead were also in town playing at the same time, and I suspect many of the people who would normally have gone here were already there instead.

The small crowd didn't stop Debauchery from trying to musically tear us limb from limb, but with a smile on their faces mind you! Not the first thing I would have thought I was to see here, but a pleasant surprise none the less.

"You're not so many, but you are crazy aren't you?!"
- Thomas 'The Bloodbeast' Gurrath (vocals)

As Thomas did not get an answer to this at first, and then only a weak peep from someone he only laughed and went on playing instead. God knows what he must think of the Danish audience at this time, he he...
Then again, possible earlier visits had not left much more of an impression as he continued on;"This is our first time in Denmark... I think... I don't know..."

As I said Thomas left nothing to be desired in his performance, but his current band-mates, The Kill-Team as they're called, were a different story. They were mostly standing around playing their instruments without much action; at least not until there was a camera nearby, but then they truly came alive!
And of course, we should not forget the speed with which they moved from the stage over to the merchandise stand after they finished, getting ready to sign stuff. Impressive, to say the least.

Having no idea of their sound from before this encounter, having only made an acquaintance with their well-painted but often graphically violent album covers, I did not know what to expect except that it would probably be evil. And it was; a bit to evil for my taste though. At least until the last song of the set, Death Metal Warmachine, where they really turned on the rock'n'roll groove which I have later found they use in a lot of their material.
So, all in all, not a bad way to start the evening.


Continue To Kill
Faith And Fire
Horrors Of War
Death Metal Warmachine


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