KB Hallen, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

I really didn't have any expectations for this show, since Swedish electro-metal act Deathstars in the past has done little to impress me. Both looks and music has failed to do it for me, I'm afraid. Also, starting the thing of with having black and pink boas hanging from the mic-stands and the drums just put another nail in the coffin, if you ask me. But, this is only my personal opinion, of course.

The crowd, which wasn't very big yet, the place was about half full I believe, seemed to like it a lot though, and there were standing ovations even in the seated lines when Deathstars took the stage as the first support band for Korn this evening.
As they entered the stage, the first surprise hit me, as they had a much more "stripped" look than I had expected. I thought we were going to see them going at it with strange costumes and way to much make-up, like we usually see them in photo-shoots or their videos, but they actually came out looking rather normal; pants, shirts and little or no paint jobs.
The show started with a blast of energy, and you could clearly see that these guys has spent many an hour in front of the mirror, practising every classic metal pose in the book. The show was filled with clichés, but it worked well, and Deathstars put on quite a party.
There was a good connection between band and audience, with a sort of clap-a-long in Tongues. They ended their set with Cyanide, which they dedicated to both the crowd and to Korn, and then rounded the whole thing of with Semi-Automatic.

What impressed me the most was that they managed to get many songs played in their short time, without forgetting to speak with the audience. The biggest minus of the show was without a doubt the lighting, which was extremely boring, and did absolutely nothing for the show.


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