Death Destruction

Vega, Copenhagen - 2012

Text: Michael Lund Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The supporting band of the night was Death Destruction. I had never heard of the band and I must admit I was really surprised to see Jonas Ekdahl (ex. Evergrey) behind the drums (I’m a drummer myself). The band is basically an “all star” band with (ex)members from Dead By April, Hammerfall and Evergrey.

On the bands web site they call their music "aggressive yet lean and flexible”. In my humble opinion; I’d call it Gothenburg metal crossed with bit of old-school Pantera.

The place was packed from the beginning to the end and the band delivered a quite convincing (but silent) performance. There wasn’t a lot of communication with the crowd during the show and I think that took its toll on the overall experience – at least for me.

Since I didn’t know the band or any of their songs, I don’t feel I’m in a position to comment on them. However, the band delivered a solid performance that was energetic and the crowd was really engaged as well. There were horns and half-empty beer cups flying through the air and at the end of the show I looked at my wife and said: “That was pretty good!”.


Vocals: Jimmie Strimell
Guitars: Henrik Danhage
Bass: Fredrik Larsson
Drums: Jonas Ekdahl

Death Destruction

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