Death Angel

Metalfest - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

We’ve come to like Death Angel in general a great deal, as you may or may not have guessed from earlier reviews of the band here at our site, but this show was a special one – it was a 25th anniversary show for their debut album The Ultra-Violence, almost to the day actually!

Of course, this only meant that the setlist was special, as they were following the popular trend going round at the moment, by playing the entire album through from start to finish. The only problem here was that I as a new-comer to the band, didn’t have the songs one my backbone in the same way as the more old-school fans did. Not that it mattered though, with Death Angel it has always been the performance that was the most important thing, at least for me (and this should not be understood as I don’t like their music as well, because I do), and this day would prove not to be an exception to this rule.
In fact, the band was kicking and screaming as soon as they entered the stage and shot off with the aptly named Thrashers! Especially Ted Aguilar (guitar) felt especially alive today, giving a very lively and intense performance. Of course the others did a great job as well, but it was nice to see him really step into character in a much larger sense than I am used to. Also, it was hard to keep my eyes off of that beautiful Les Paul he was using, which was custom painted to look like the cover image of the Relentless Retribution album…

The crowd that had gathered in front of the stage was large, but at the same time it was hard to tell how many were there, as it was very loosely packed together. Even so, there was a lot of action in the crowd, more so than for many other bands this day, and far above average for the festival. This is clearly something Death Angel just knows how to inspire in people, a good ol’ thrashing fun party, where headbanging was high currency. Not that I was surprised though, this is what the band has done every single time I’ve seen them so far.
One could go as far as to say that Death Angel put the fest in Metalfest; all of the members (Will ‘Kill’ Carroll excluded for good reason) were constantly flying across the stage, and when it was solo time during the instrumental title-track, Aguilar, Rob Cavestany and Damien Sisson were all out on the edge of the cat-walk, showing off their skills as close to the audience as they could get.
Ok, so at this time vocalist Mark Osegueda had left the stage for a breather, but as soon as the show moved on to Mistress Of Pain, he was back front stage and centre, now wielding his beloved bottle of Bombay Sapphire. I can’t remember seeing a show where this hasn’t been part of the festivities, but that’s only a slightly unrelated side-note which we need not delve deeper into.

Song familiarity or not, this was exactly what the day need to get into gear, and after being disappointed by Heidevolk earlier on, I can only say that my heart was once more fully into the festival spirit, just as it should be. An ultra-violent win for Death Angel!


Evil Priest
Voracious Souls
Kill As One
The Ultra-Violence
Mistress Of Pain
Final Death

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