Death Angel

Metalcamp - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As quite some time had passed since the last time I had seen Death Angel I was now a bit nervous that I had built them up too much in my head. Where they really as good as I wanted to remember them, or was I up for a mayor disappointment? No way. Death Angel gave a stellar performance which immediately put them in pole position for Best Concert of the year.

Just after the sun had gone down, and as the rain was pouring all around us, Death Angel hit the stage with an energy which was nothing short of amazing! Normally you will see the vocalist as being the only man to fire up the crowd, and maybe a guitarist if you are lucky; here however, the whole band was in on the action. Especially their new bassist, Sammy Diosdado, impressed me with his very lively performance.
Death Angel also toured with a new drummer who was introduced as Will Kill (a.k.a. Will Carroll); the rest of the band counting Mark Osegueda (vocals) and Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar on guitars was still intact.

The crowd had also grown considerably since the last band we saw, and was now filling the better part of the festival area. There was no doubt they were excited about Death Angel's first visit at the Metalcamp festival. A big old moshpit was formed in the middle of the crowd, and for those not partaking in this there was always the reliable fist in the air and shout your lungs out solution to turn to. Osegueda led us into a Hey shout-along in Evil Priest, but got a bit too excited and dropped the mic in the middle of it all. Not that it mattered much, as his voice was drowned out by the audience anyway.

I’m no good at remembering titles, and as Death Angel played for an hour there were a lot of them, but one that stuck with me was Lord Of Hate, and as one of the last songs they performed an instrumental piece where Cavestany really got to shine.
After this they said their last goodbye with another thanks and a promise to return again, followed by letting plectres and drumsticks fly over the fans.

I was extremely pleased to see that Death Angel not only met, but far exceeded my every expectation, with an intense atmosphere which I will not forget for a long time.

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