Dark Tranquillity

Metalcamp - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The sun was burning relentlessly in the sky, and it was up to Swedish grand masters of melo-death to prove that their music kicks ass, regardless of the weather.

That the sun was a bit more than the Swedish Vikings were used to was obvious to see however, as vocalist Mikael Stanne gave a whole new meaning to the expression ‘redhead’.
The band was not the only ones suffering however, and the on-site Firebrigade once again saw it fit to turn the hose on the crowd, something which of course resulted in equal parts fun-and-games and actual welcome cooling aid.
Regardless of the hot weather, Dark Tranquillity proved to be as potent live-act as they ever were, as they gave a very lively performance in which everyone was giving it their all. Here Stanne really got to prove his worth as a frontman, as he expertly connected with the crowd, and was at several times seen standing out on the large speakers in front of the stage just to get closer to his fans. In recognition of this being an international festival, he could also be heard saying ‘thank you’ to the crowd in every language he knew (which seemed to be quite a few). He also went directly for the Slovenian crowd’s heart, as he promised that the band would return in October, finishing the comment with; ”I miss you already!”

No need for that just yet though, as Dark Tranquillity was only about halfway through their regular set.
The songs were well-known and loved, which was easy to see and hear, as most introductions were only said halfway through by Stanne, and then enthusiastically finished in shouts by the crowd, all the way to the ending song, Misery’s Crown.
Wait, did I say ending? Ha, Dark Tranquillity weren’t ready to leave us just yet; after a short break they came on and with the comment; ”This is a love-song to you, and a hate-song to everyone else!” they kicked off their encore with Lost To Apathy, a song which saw the entire grounds jump.
After this it seemed as though it became a bit improvised with what the band was playing, as they continuously checked the clock to see if they had time for one more... and one more... and one more.

So, even though it tried its best, in the end the Slovenian killer-sun couldn’t stop the Nordic onslaught, and all the gathered metal-heads certainly got their money’s worth with Dark Tranquillity.

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