Dark Funeral

Brutal Assault - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

A mighty, bombastic intro blasted through the speakers, and then the harbingers of evil arrived.

”This is a beautiful day, it’s the day of the arrival of Satan’s empire!”
- Magnus 'Emperor Magus Caligula' Broberg (vocals)

After a mighty, bombastic intro however, the show felt like just as mighty an anti-climax right from the start. Our ear-drums were severely put to the test, but when the band was supposed to take over the music from the pre-recorded tape, almost no sound came out of the speakers! Not the best way to start off…

Still, even with no sound (this was corrected quickly) the band looked mighty impressive standing there in their newly made evil looking armours and old-school corpse-paint. The only thing missing was fire, but it seemed none of the bands at the festival were allowed to include a pyro-show (at least nothing big ever came out), so this was to be expected. Some of the fans wouldn’t stand for it however, and started fire-breathing right in the middle of the crowd. Personally, I would have felt safer with it up on the edge of the stage, but somehow it must be included in this sort of show. It’s just mandatory I think…
Ok, towards the end of the show Emperor Magus Caligula (a.k.a. Magnus ‘Masse’ Broberg) also performed some fire-breathing himself, during the song Vobiscum Satanas to be precise, and thus the circle seemed complete.

The crowd seemed well-fitted and appreciative of the evil music, and the show saw an impressive amount of devil-horns raised to the heavens. I have earlier mentioned Vobiscum Satanas, which was a hit with the audience, and apart from this one other older songs seemed well received; The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire and the ending track of the night, An Apprentice Of Satan, were among them.
For myself however, who isn’t a great black metal enthusiast in general, and have never really gotten into Dark Funeral as a band, this show did nothing more for my festival experience than prolong the wait for my bed during the second day at Brutal Assault. It wasn’t bad, it was just not for me…

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