Corrosion Of Conformity

Copenhell - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Corrosion Of Conformity is one of those bands that never really made it to the top of the list for me, but I’ve always enjoyed listening to nonetheless, and so it was good to finally have the chance to see them again, here some 20+ years since the first, and if my memory serves me, only time time I’ve seen them in the past.

“You guys like heavy shit, like boom?!”
- Pepper Keenan (vocals/guitar)

After some country sounding music over the PA, Corrosion Of Conformity came out and played their own intro, by doing the start of Bottom Feeder (El Que Come Abajo), before kicking things into gear with The Luddite from their brand new album, No Cross No Crown.
The band was all geared up and ready to rock, which was great to see. Especially Mike Dean stood out - quite literally from time to time, as he didn’t mind walking out onto the speakers placed in front of the stage, in order to come closer to the crowd.
Keenan also had some fun, telling stories and jokes between some songs, like the time he mentioned that Wolf Named Crow was about his dog, and that it looked kinda like that, while pointing to the backdrop.

Corrosion Of Conformity was an inspiration to the crowd as well, which early on formed a small moshpit and had some crowdsurfers sailing by, but both grew over time. When the band reached Vote With A Bullet, all restraints fell, and the mosh went absolutely wild, and anyone not in it was jumping! After this, Clean My Wounds had no problem inciting a massive circle pit.
Corrosion Of Conformity didn’t deliver the best concert of the festival, but they did deliver a concert that was solid, well structured, and highly entertaining. After some shows that hadn’t really moved me, it was refreshing to get a good headbanging soundtrack going, and that was exactly what Corrosion Of Conformity gave me.
After their funky sounding outro melody had rung out, the band reentered the stage together with the guys from Suffocation, and in a beautiful way honoured Vinnie Paul, who had tragically passed away just the day before, by standing together and having I’m Broken played over the PA.


Bottom Feeder (El Que Come Abajo) (intro only)
The Luddite
Broken Man
Seven Days
Paranoid Opioid
Vote With A Bullet
Wolf Named Crow
Clean My Wounds
I’m Broken (Pantera song)

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