The Rock, Copenhagen - 2007

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Second time I'm seeing Carnivore, and this time around I'm a little bit better prepared, having listened to their music almost non stop the last couple of days.

From the second they enter the stage, the tempo is turned to the max! This is quite understandable though, as they leave the stage just about three seconds later, having finished their set.
So, was that it, we are left to wonder? Of course not! After a minute or so, Carnivore take the stage again, this time to actually begin the show, after having established that this is not to be taken too seriously. Now we are set to begin our testosterone infused journey through the dark back-streets of Brooklyn, joined by drinking, swearing and taped vomiting.

There is a lot of energy coming from the band. Even Peter Steele, who has been looking a bit under the weather the last couple of times I've seen him (not counting this years T.O.N. concert at Wacken of course), shows a great deal of stage-presence and humour. The crowd is also going all out tonight; it seems it's like a completely different set of people than the lazy bunch who was standing around for the Raging Speedhorn show. The whole centre of the floor is just one big mosh, and the guards are having their work cut out for them, trying to maintain some sort of order.

The sound this evening is absolutely terrible, but who cares? This is all about the show, and the show is great. It's every thing you could ask for; Peter drinking, Joey running around with a weird mask on his face given to him by a devoted fan, and the blood girls throwing bloody tampons at people towards the end. This is something to remember.


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Helter Skelter
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