Copenhell - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Carcass was our third band at this year’s Copenhell, and now we were certainly moving into a heavier territory than before. On the other hand, who can’t use a good shot of death metal once in a while? We certainly can, and Carcass is a good provider of just that.

“Good evening Copenhell! Are you doing alright? Well, we’re here to put a fucking stop to that!”
- Jeff Walker (bass/vocals)

Carcass was playing Hades, the mid-sized stage, and even though the Copenhell goers had been screaming for more death and extreme metal to come to the festival this year, I found it surprisingly easy to get a good position close to the stage when I arrived shortly prior to the beginning of the show.
This wasn’t about to deter me however, quite the contrary!
The band kept a low key as they walked onto the stage. Guitarist Bill Steer surprised me the most, as he stuck out from the rest in his ‘Seventies discount outfit.
This isn’t a fashion blog though, we’re here for the music, and the way it is delivered. And let me tell you, Carcass knows how to deliver! They were playing hard, fast, and frighteningly tight! If any complaint should be made, it will go to the mixer – there was a distinct lack of low-end in the front, which would have suited the concert well.
Frontman Jeff Walker was in a great mood though, sporadically delivering his dry, British humour, and smiling more than I believe I have ever seen him smile before (not sure how hard that is to achieve actually), whereas Steer and Ben Ash were more into the headbanging thing. Ash with a foot on the monitor, and Steer more grooving around.

In the crowd, there were some people grooving around as well, or more precisely, a small moshpit opened up. I say small, because there wasn’t much more than a handful of people in it, but what they lacked in numbers, they made up for in dedication! It was actually quite impressive to behold.
The majority of the crowd stuck to simply listening, and letting their appreciation be known by shouting between songs.
Whether it was due to the quality of Carcass, or some other, unknown reason, I do not know, but the crowd kept on growing. I know I said it wasn’t terribly packed to begin with, but it became tighter song by song, and towards the end it had grown into, if not huge, then at least a very respectable size. Well deserved, I’d like to say, because what we saw before us were four enthusiastic and happy grumpy old men.
Carcass delivered a very solid and highly entertaining show, the best one of the day so far, and Copenhell was truly off to a very good start. The thing about them, and this is the reason for many of their short reviews here, is that they don’t do much in the way of special little titbits, or other of that same ilk. They just kick ass with their music, and create one hell of an all-encompassing atmosphere, that can be hard to describe, but nigh impossible not to feel. Honestly, this band gets better every time I see them. Or maybe it’s just me learning to appreciate them more for each time. In the end, it doesn’t really matter – as long as they deliver like this, I’m happy.


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