The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Capricorn, a Danish up and coming rock band, was warming up The Rock tonight for ReBound Rubies; although our main and only reason for going tonight was Capricorn.

There was already at this show a certain amount of people gathered, and as people had been let in a good time before the band went on stage the mood was already pretty high.
Still, Capricorn made to quick of an entrance if you ask me, as they just came on stage and started playing without so much as saying good evening or anything. I think this would have been a good idea, just to prepare the crowd for the oncoming music. They had chosen to start their show with Don’t Let Go, which with its nice intensity made for a great opener however.
Soon more and more people gathered round in front of the stage, and the atmosphere got higher with every song.
Capricorn themselves performed just as good as I remembered them; we have seen them once before but not in the capacity of doing reviews. The sound was a bit more aggressive than I remembered it, but it was good in the way that it got people of their behinds and onto the floor. And isn’t that the very reason for having support bands?

What I really like about this band is, apart from the music which even though it isn’t quite my normal cup of tea still is very catchy and grows on you, is the way they perform on stage. They have a good energy, and play very well together; it is easy to see that they enjoy what they do.
Ok, so the sound wasn’t perfect this evening, it was pretty hard to hear Kristian Gaarskjær's vocals at times, and he was sick to boot. Also the lighting could have done with a serious overhaul, but in the long run, so what? The band was on top, giving a great performance, and they were lively even though they had practically no place to stand on on the stage because of all the gear.
And as I mentioned before the crowd was on their side, and as the beers kept flowing, the sing along to the choruses got louder and louder.
To illustrate the mood, let’s just redo a short exchange of words between Gaarskjær and the audience; “How many of you came in to see ReBound Rubies?!” The silence was complete. “Ok, not so many… How many came in to see Capricorn?!” And so several voices raised a cheer in response; now that’s a good answer.

The only downpoints to this gig were the purely technical difficulties which I have already mentioned; and Capricorn deserves a stage which is not cluttered with equipment as they move around quite a lot during their performance.
Other than this I felt thoroughly entertained and fulfilled as the band left the stage after a great sing along in What’s Wrong.


Don’t Let Go
At The Brink Of Madness
Don’t be hesitant! Relax and let go…!
No Relieve
This Time
What’s Wrong


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