But We Try It

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

”The evening begins here!”
- Jörn Preidt (vocals)

I couldn’t have put it better myself, as the first support band for Illdisposed’s 20th anniversary tour took the stage at Ye Olde Rock in Copenhagen on a hot night at the very end of September.
The band in question, But We Try It, was something I had never heard of before this evening, and even though I found their choice of name rather questionable I was open to see what they had to offer; but to give you a short introduction to the facts, as far as I have been able to find them (they are good at hiding their tracks!), But We Try It is a new German band which was formed in 2008, and so far they have released one demo independently and one full-length album called Dead Light through Massacre Records, and they play what has been described as thrashcore, i.e. metalcore with traces of thrash metal.

Be that as it may, the show still began with some electronic sounds which I would say most closely resembled trip hop being played over the speakers, after which (or rather on top of that) the band began playing some heavy riffing with a modern tint to it. The music would soon reveal a more melodic side to itself as well, but still driven by the riffing, Preidt’s vocals turned out to be a mix of a slightly varied growling, clean vocals and shouted vocals a la Machine Head; the latter part needs some work to be perfected but overall it came together pretty nicely.
The performance could certainly use some work though, it was basically only Preidt and bassist Stefan Trautmann who were moving about, the two guitarists Tim Marxcors and Dominik Ballreich looked very focused but as they spent almost the entire show staring at their instruments (Dominik Ballreich in particular) it was damn near impossible to get a connection with them. Drummer Mark Brückmann did his job as a skin-beater well enough, but other than that his presence passed by quite unnoticed. Their label may be priding the band with having played more than sixty gigs, but I’d say that they need a lot more than that to get some much needed experience. When they get that down though, I’m sure this will be a very potent outfit.

As But We Try It was the first band of the evening, The Rock hadn’t gathered very many guests by the time the band went on stage, but as it always is at this sort of event more and more people dropped in over time.
The response wasn’t exactly overwhelming to begin with though, and the band had to ask people to pull out of the bar area for a while and head on up to the stage as the floor was ill populated; luckily this worked to some degree, and as the music was inspiring enough But We Try It garnered if not a whole lot of action (there was none to be seen to be precise), then at least louder and louder shouts of appreciation between the songs, and that’s a good start.
As I mentioned, But We Try It have one album out which came out last year, but one album is not much to build a set on even if it is only a support job, so But As We Try had brought long no less than two entirely new songs as well, Detachment and A Loss Of Hope, the latter of them being the last song of the night for the band. As I don’t personally know their music, the same as many others here I’m sure, it was actually all new to me, but if there is anyone out there who is dying to know a little bit more about these tracks, well, all I can say is that they followed very much the style of the ’older’ ones with riffing and melody in a nice blend. Detachment had a pretty loud keyboards thingy going during the chorus, but if this was intentional or if someone just had mixed it wrong I can’t say. The rest of the gig sounded very well though, so there is a strong chance it was the way it was meant.

This was definitely one of the more interesting support bands I’ve seen in a while, and as soon as they get that performance issue off the table, I’m pretty sure these guys can get to good places with their sound. Not completely original, but rather well executed.


The Great Disaster
Remember Me
City Of Ghosts
The Gift And The Curse
A Loss Of Hope

But We Try It

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