Brutal Afterparty

Festival Report 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Welcome to Prague by night!
As a special treat for the still hungry festival attendant, Brutal Assault offered two afterparties for the festival, one in Prague and one in Košice.

It wasn’t that I really had all the time in the world to spend before driving back home after Brutal Assault, but since we here at Metalmoments had had such a good time at the festival, we decided to at least visit afterparty nr. 1, the one located in Prague.
Prague was on the way anyway, and it was possible to go, if we pushed really hard on the road the day after. It didn’t take us long to agree that this was the preferred course of action however, and we soon set sail for the centre of this beautiful city. A small problem arose as we only had the name of the place, and not the address, but after several hours of delightful touring of the town (and surroundings) we were finally able to locate an open web, on which we could search the place out, and from there it didn’t go long before we arrived in what I would think was the semi at least outskirts of town, at the place called Modrá Vopice.

We didn’t really know what to expect of course, but I can without a doubt in my mind say that I did not expect what we found.
Modrá Vopice turned out to be a slightly worn place in a definite punky style and atmosphere. A not too hospitable exterior opened up to a fenced in backyard simple but fully functional wooden stage (only a few metres across) where the bands were to play. There was a small vending area for merchandise for the larger of the bands as well as an open air grill and beer vendor. There was also an indoor bar, with a smaller stage and a DJ-booth, which was all covered in chicken-fence. I guess the parties in here could quite frisky, if such safety precautions were needed... The tables inside were littered with flyers containing information’s about local and not going on's (imagine my surprise as one of them was for a new underground death festival in Copenhagen!), and the fence outside was covered with graffiti, giving a very clear indication to the type of audience we could expect. It may not have been the most up-to-date and advanced place to be, but I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, and coming directly from a festival, I had no need to be waited on hand and foot. As long as there was cold beer in the taps and music pumping I was set.

The bands playing, or some of them at least, were bands which had also visited the festival itself, and had decided to stick around to party some more, much in the same way as all the visitors had. Ok, so the place was open for all, but there was a special discount for people with a Brutal Assault wristband.
Our main musical reasons for coming were three acts which we had been really impressed by at the festival, and were hoping to party with again; namely Sigh, Macabre and Agnostic Front.
We quickly got the sad news that Sigh were not going to perform anyway, as we ran into their vocalist, Mirai Kawashima, and guitarist Schinichi Ishikawa; they informed us that there had been a problem with the information, and some members of the band had already travelled back home.
Even it was sad to let them go, two out of three isn’t a bad deal either, and as Catamenia slowly finished off their set, we spent a large chunk of the remainder of our holiday budget on various merchandise sporting the Murder Metal logo. Among the better purchases was definitely the appetizer for the forthcoming Grim Scary Tales, called Human Monsters. It was a clear red vinyl containing four new songs, two of which were played at the gig.

The Macabre concert left me at a bit of a loss actually; this was the concert I was looking the most forward to, but for some reason it felt rushed and uninterested. Towards the end, a heavy rain began to fall, chasing almost all visitors in under the parasols of the grill place, or into the inside bar.
The rain kept on going straight into Agnostic Front, making me fear that they would decide to cancel. This was not to be the case however, and even though the wet weather only increased in intensity, the crowd defied the conditions and went up to the front of the stage and partied with the band like nothing was wrong. It was actually getting so bad at one point I thought I would regret coming here in the first place; the rain was as heavy as I have ever seen it, and hail the size of my thumbnail was hammering the ground. Up in the sky we were given quite an exclusive lightshow, as lightning was spreading like a spiderweb across the towering clouds.
But then, just as suddenly as it had come, the rain and wind was gone again, and in celebration of this, Agnostic Front provided us with some extra tracks.

Last band of the evening was a local death talent called Brutally Deceased, and they played the indoor stage, giving us a chance to sit down for a bit, something we continued doing during the metal disco which came afterwards. By this time the rain had started falling again, and even though it wasn’t as intense as it had been during the show earlier, it was still heavy enough to make us decide to cut the party short and instead drive out of town before it became any worse.

With all things accounted, I am still really happy that we went to the afterparty. It was a great experience definitely not worth trading for an earlier arrival back home, and I wish the attendants of the second afterparty had just as great a time as we did.

Brutal Afterparty

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