Brother Firetribe

Markthalle, Hamburg - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As a contrary to the sold out venue yesterday in Berlin, here in Hamburg the place was less than a third filled up as Brother Firetribe took the stage. Ok, so Markthalle is definitely a much larger place than Knaack, but still it was surprising to me that there were not more people in the crowd.

Brother Firetribe came on very suddenly and without warning; all of a sudden they were just on stage and started playing. A bit quick in my opinion, maybe they should have taken the time to introduce themselves, seeing as there weren’t more people around yet. But there you are.
During the set, the room became more and more crowded, but without reaching its full capacity though. Then again, for me this was a nice change compared their last gig where there was no space at all, so I wasn’t complaining. Now there was a possibility to rock along to their catchy tunes. This was definitely something that was done on stage as well; especially Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) and Pekka Heino (Leverage) shone through with great charisma and stage expertise.
Vuorinen was also well known by the audience, as you could hear “Emppu” being chanted between songs. This seemed to make him a bit embarrassed, as he had to hide a smile and afterwards putting his finger to his lips to quiet down the crowd so that they could get on with the show.

“This song is… Which song is this again?”
- Pekka Heino (vocals)

It seemed that, at some points, the set today was less tight than the Berlin one, as this remark by Heino is an example of. But in other ways, this show was also better than the other. As they had a bigger stage, better lights and sound, Brother Firetribe had a better opportunity to make their music heard this time around, and that was a chance they didn’t miss out on. As the crowd had grown in size, so did their enthusiasm and each and every song was helped along with loud clap-along’s and, as their songs are so wonderfully catchy we could also sing with them in several places. This is the type of music you really only need to hear once, and then it’s stuck in your mind. This was also a good thing as bassist / backing vocalist Jason Flinck’s (Kings Of Modesty) mic was very low in places, which made his voice hard to hear. Of course it also helped that they played the same set as the night before.

Lunah (for those who doesn’t know, she’s our photographer) shouted out “Fantastic” and I have to concur. This is in no way the type of music we usually listen to; still there is something there that just pulls us along with the ride. Something innocent, pure. And joyful, oh so joyful.


Who Will You Run To Now
Break Out
One Single Breath
I’m On Fire
Heart Full Of Fire
I Am Rock

Brother Firetribe

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