Broken Hope

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2014

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Although not being the main act of the evening, Broken Hope was still the main reason for us showing up. As you know, I am no death metal connoisseur but Lunah (Lauridsen, our photographer) have been a fan of the band for some 15 years and had yet to experience them live, their absence from Danish venues being one good reason for this. Tonight was the night that would change all that though...

“What the fuck’s up Copenhagen? This is our first time here!”
- Damian ‘Tom’ Leski (vocals)

It didn’t take long to notice that the small hall of Pumpehuset, where the nights’ concert was being held, was far too small to house a band of Broken Hope’s calibre. Now, I’m not just referring to the fact that these are a bunch of fairly well-built guys, but actually more to the fact that they were delivering an active performance – so much so that both Lunah and I agreed afterwards that this was quite possibly the most actively performing death metal squad we have ever witnessed!
The main reason for this seemed to stem from the simple fact that they were having fun playing for us!
That Broken Hope hadn’t been here before resulted in a lot of old fans crawling out of the woodwork to wreak havoc or simply enjoy the brutality of the music, beer in hand. The crowd was noticeably larger now compared to when Sweetest Devilry had played only moments before and while not going completely overboard, there was also more activity going on in front of the stage, what with shouting and headbanging getting the most attention. There was one guy though, at the side of the stage, who was showing his love for the band by clapping his hands – nothing particularly noteworthy in itself, had it not been for how terribly out of sync he was with the music! This is not brought up to make fun of him however, Cthulhu knows I have trouble keeping a beat myself, especially so after a few beers, but it was a memorable scene when Shaun Glass (bass) noticed him and began clapping along, trying his best to emulate the same amount of off-beat rhythm!

Yes, the band members were active, constantly on the move in fact, and they were no strangers to getting out on the edge of the stage (ok, so a mere shift of a few centimetres actually did the trick in here) and close up and personal with their fans.
This was all well and good, but it wouldn’t have done the trick all by itself. Luckily, this wasn’t all that Broken Hope had to offer either, as they delivered a hard face-pounding of a set with each song topping the last in sheer brutality and ferociousness. All this was delivered with the crisp and well-mixed sound that we have come to expect from Pumpehuset, adding extra weight to the punch.
Through their career, Broken Hope has been no strangers to personnel changes, with the probably most noticeable one in recent history being the addition of the new vocalist Damian Leski. While late Joe Ptacek had an unrivalled low growl, I must admit that Leski did one hell of a job in reaching the same kind of depths; combining this with a well-oiled stage performance and chemistry with the rest of the band made a winning concept.

‘Tis true what I said in the beginning, death metal and I rarely see eye to eye, especially so when it comes to the extremely brutal kind, but still I must keep an open mind for the possibility that it could be done right, and that’s exactly what Broken Hope managed to do this night. They delivered an uncompromising freight-train of a show, which not only blew Sweetest Devilry out of the water but also made it impossible for Immolation to top afterwards. Let’s just hope it won’t take another 26 years before they come a calling again.


Womb Of Horrors
Dilation And Extraction
The Docking Dead
He Was Raped
Swamped In Gore
The Dead Half
Rendered Into Lard
Awakened By Stench
Give Me The Bottom Half
Into The Necrosphere
The Flesh Mechanic

Broken Hope

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