Bring Me The Horizon

Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

So, this Bring Me The Horizon was chosen to be main support for Machine Head on their The Eighth Plague tour? Were these guys even born when Machine Head began playing?
Ok, ok. Let’s not let a little bit of prejudice against today’s youth stop us from checking out what this British quintet have to offer...

The first thing to catch my eye was that Bring Me The Horizon was the only support band who played on their own equipment, rig and all. The reason for this was soon enough revealed; their rack of white speakers held not only the sound magnifiers you would expect, but they were also an integrated part of the light show, something which should be apparent in the photos.
The band-members themselves quickly came tumbling out on the stage, and without further ado they kicked off their show with the song Diamonds Aren’t Forever, in which vocalist Oliver ’Ollie’ Sykes went straight for the crowd in the most literal way possible. It didn’t take him many seconds to climb on top of and beyond the security fence, and riding the fans in front he screamed out the lyrics ”We’ll never sleep, cause sleep is for the weak” after which he let the crowd answer back with ”And we’ll never rest, till we’re all fucking dead”. This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the show, and as soon as Sykes was back on the stage again he got a wall of death going just to keep up the excitement.
For the second song of the night, Alligator Blood, Sykes would have us all jumping; he wasn’t completely successful in getting the back-rows in on the fun, but on the other hand there was one guy in the very front who was so successful in his endeavour he actually ended up on stage, arms wrapped around the each other’s shoulders with Sykes. It was a bit of a laugh though when Sykes walked away and carried on with the performance, and the young guy was left standing on the middle of the stage looking all confused and lost, at least until one of the guards walked out and kindly escorted him off the stage. It would probably have worked better for his reputation among his friends with a stage-dive, but it was obviously not to be...

The crowd reacted very well to Bring Me The Horizon’s show, or at least so the younger parts of it.
In fact, they were all over the place with their moshing, circle-pitting and wall of death’ing (is that even a word? guess it is now), and if crowd-surfing was the one thing missing from DevilDriver’s show before, the crowd was more than willing to make up for lost time in the company of Bring Me The Horizon.
The older crowd was not as easily pleased however, and at no time during the evening did I see the bar-room adjacent to the concert-hall as well-filled as I did during the Bring Me The Horizon gig.
For my own part I tried a little bit of both, and although I must admit that the youths did live up to their reputation of a lively live-act, they utterly failed to catch my interest, and their material came off as mediocre at best. Nope, certainly not cup of tea, and how in the world these guys got the main support spot over DevilDriver I (and several others) will never understand...


Diamonds Aren’t Forever
Alligator Blood
Sleep With One Eye Open
Football Season Is Over
Blessed With A Curse
It Never Ends
Chelsea Smile

Bring Me The Horizon

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