Metalcamp - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Sadly, we only got to see the end of Brainstorms gig, since we had attended Helloween's press conference which had been placed at the same time.

The crowd wasn't very big, but there were some diehard fans in the front line, which managed to make the audience look very lively in spite of being few in numbers.
This was a good thing, for Brainstorm did play a good concert, and deserved a descent response for it. It was especially good to see frontman Andy B. Franck back in good health. Last time we saw Brainstorm, in Copenhagen earlier this year, their guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld was completely out cold and Andy, though still performing, was badly ravaged by sickness.
This time around he was all good again, and it was very visible. Both the vocals and the overall performance were at a completely different level.

When we came out they were playing Highs Without Lows, if my memory serves me correct, then there was one more song which I don't remember the title of.
After this, Andy decided to make a little pun out of the following song. He started by saying; "Metalcamp!" and was quickly answered by a roaring "Yeah!", "This will be our last song." which of course was followed by a resounding disappointment. This was repeated a couple of times, and then Andy came with the punch-line; "How does that make you feel?" The song to end Brainstorms set was of course How Do You Feel.

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