Dark Mental Festival - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

At this point in the festival, we had gone through a lot of very different bands and we were only missing two major genres in the metal family to come full circle as far as I could tell; black metal and just straight heavy metal.
This is where the second to last band of the day stepped in, a band called Bone…

With a look about them saying “we were there with the first of the NWOBHM bands, and we liked it so much we decided to stay” (just look at the photos, they’ll describe it better than I ever can), Bone took the stage before a crowd which had lessened slightly in size since the last two bands but still had some energy to give. Honestly, I never thought I’d see a band in Denmark with this look, Sweden sure but never Denmark. I like it though, cool to see not all metal bands have adopted the hip hop way of dressing, but still have the heart to put on a worn vest made up more of band patches than actual denim or leather!
Well, so much for the appearance, but what about the thing coming out of the speakers?
To be honest, I was surprised when I heard Bone playing. With the look they had, I felt sure we were going to be treated to exactly the NWOBHM style that they had adopted in their clothing, and while there definitely were a lot of hints of it lying around in their set, the music mostly concentrated on a very primitive, old school (and we’re talking way old!) death/black metal, which made me think of early Venom and Possessed. Not exactly my cup of tea musically, but hey, I was ready for something new on the stage, and it looked like Bone had something they wanted to bring to the show.

With a war-cry which said; “More beers to the stage!”, Bone went at it with hair swung high.
Vocalist Evil Ejaculator (nice name, right?) was a strong frontman, but the rest of the band still backed him up well, creating quite the party up there on the stage.
Down below, the front rows of the crowd were also getting it on (in the headbanging sense of the expression), whilst the back rows were gently nodding along without involving themselves too much, just as they had for almost every band so far actually. Still, it can’t be denied that Bone worked hard to live up to the longer slot they had been given, both in their own performance and also in their interaction with the crowd and the allowance of this to be as silly as they wanted to be, and that’s certainly a positive.
I mean, they had no problem letting a guy lie on his back on the stage as he performed a blazing hot air-guitar solo, and Huul (who would two days later also appear in the black metal outfit Blodarv) didn’t say anything to the guy who bit his bass at one point.
Both Huul and Evil Ejaculator could also be found in the crowd performing part of the final song of Bone’s set, the slightly altered Mayhem cover Freezing Møjn.

As you can see from this example, and others like Rå Vanilje, Blåt Miljø and Sæxuæl Slagter, Bone was a band playing on humour as well as raw power, but even though this was clearly done with a wink in the eye, I sadly was not among those laughing. There is clearly an audience for this type of metal which pays respect to the large names of old, but it is not one I am part of.
Thus Bone didn’t exactly hit home with this reviewer, largely based on the music they were putting out, but in all fairness I should add that a lot of the crowd did look like they had a fun time with Bone, and even Metalmoments own Lunah Lauridsen commented that she had been highly entertained by the band.


Tribute De La GG
Speed Of Dæzz
Sæxuæl Slagter
Marching To Wards...
Morbid Terror
Face Into Helle
Rå Vanilje, Blåt Miljø
Freezing Møjn (Mayhem cover)

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