Bleeding Justice

Stars, Vordingborg - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Oh my God, what is this now? High-school rock band?
This, I must admit, was the first thing to go through my head as the five youths of Bleeding Justice took the stage after Grim Lieberkind. Fine, just one more band before Bullet then, let’s get on with it…

As soon as Picture Man, the first song of the set started, all of my worst imaginations, or nightmares if you will, of this band seemed to come true; this was dull, uninspired, and furthermore, what the hell was that singer, Kenneth Steen Jacobsen, up to?
I was ready to completely give up on this band, but then something happened…
In the break between Picture Man and the next one, Bleeding Innocence (yeah, I noticed the imaginative title as well), the band-members seemed to shed some of the nerves or whatever had been holding them back in the beginning. They cracked a few jokes, smiled, and suddenly it was as though a new band was before me! Jacobsen tried hard to get the crowd, which was still keeping a respectable distance to the stage, to get closer and show a bit more enthusiasm. Well, since pleading didn’t help, what have we left? Threats of course!
“Get closer or I’ll come down and get you! I’ve got a wireless mic, I don’t care!” And obviously he wasn’t kidding around either; soon after I could see him getting off the stage and run/walk a lap around the entire room, singing directly into people’s faces as he went by.
This stunt was repeated later in the evening, and not only by Jacobsen. Morten Nielsen (guitar) and Emil Andersen (bass) made a sort of bulls run towards each other in front of the stage; luckily they weren’t stopped by the… mature… woman from the bar, who had earlier in the night stopped a couple of youths who were tangled in a two-man moshpit. I’m guessing she didn’t really know what this was about, and I think one of the main problems for Bleeding Justice this night was that most of the audience here at Stars was at least old enough to be their parents, maybe even grandparents for some of them… The audience was just too old to get what they were doing, or so I believe.

And honestly, some parts of the repertoire reeked of juvenility. Take the innocently titled R ‘n’ R Salvation, in which the more devilishly chorus went; ”I want your tits in my face!” (shouldn’t it be ‘on my face’?), a line Jacobsen had also written all over his worn t-shirt.
There were more serious parts as well though, like the power ballad Pulse and the more bluesy Sitting In A Train; the latter we were told was about a gig the band had had, or so they thought, but when they arrived to the hall they were told they weren’t booked, and so they had to jump on the train and head back home again…
I’m not sure how well they escaped the blues trial, but I’m glad they made the effort as it was an interesting diversion from most of the other stuff they played. And it was a serious effort.
Actually, as the gig went on, it turned out that these guys weren’t just a bunch of half-assed youngsters who had just left their shift at McDonalds and thrown a couple of instruments on (even though Nielsen surely looked like it). Nielsen pulled of some blazing solos, and Søren Weiss (guitar) also gave it some good shots, and with the exception of Jacobsen the band turned out to be some pretty good posers as well. Now, you who regularly read my reviews should know that I mean this in the most positive sense; I love watching bands which look like they have fun on stage!
Jacobsen also tried a variety of different vocal styles, although not always with great success. My two cents are that he should stick to the semi-aggressive James Hetfield style which was the most common, as this was clearly where his strength was. Drop the deep, clean vocals until you’ve had more training.

So, after starting out in pure disaster, Bleeding Justice managed to pull their shit together and ended up giving a very capable show. Given a few years, and a bit more maturity, this may really take off, as there are clearly at least a few musical talents waiting to spring out here. They should, however, update their demo, as the songs they have available on the net does them no bloody justice (pun intended).


Picture Man
Bleeding Innocence
Tomb Of The Raising Dead
Sitting In A Train
R ‘n’ R Salvation
Journey To Beyond
Temper Like The Devil

Bleeding Justice

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