Blaze Bayley

Sweden Rock Festival - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After having had a great time with Amon Amarth we headed over to the Zeppelin stage to see British rock/metal singer Blaze Bayley, probably mostly made famous for being the singer of Iron Maiden although he also has a long solo career by now with which he has released four albums. As I had no big preconception about the concert, it would be interesting to see what he had to offer.
My first thought was one of wonder as to why he playing such a small stage, but that is entirely credited to my own state of tired drunkenness as I forgot the larger scenes would first open the day after.

There was quite a nice crowd gathered but without feeling too crowded, which was a good thing as my plan was to sit back and see the show from a comfy place on the hill. That’s the good thing with both the Zeppelin Stage and the Sweden Stage; they are both placed in a way which makes the surroundings into a natural amphitheatre with excellent viewing and listening possibilities no matter how far back you come.

On stage Blaze and his band was giving an ok performance, and Blaze himself was very happy to speak to the onlookers between the songs. He got some response in the form of shouts and raised arms, but mostly the crowd was pretty calm except for some diehard fans in the front.
It was a good blaze, but not strong enough to heat us in the cool night air.

I must be honest here and admit to the fact that I have not really been following his solo career, so the interest for me was in what Maiden covers he would choose for the night. Two songs got the honours; Lord Of The Flies and The Clansman.
The Clansman was actually heavily announced as being their own version of the song, but again I must admit that I couldn’t really find the difference. This might also be contributed to my state of mind at the time though.

For me, the show was forgettable to say the least...

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