Black Succubi

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

It had been a long time since last we saw Forcentury, the band hosting this event, live and so we were duly looking forward to it, but first up was Black Succubi, another Danish band of which I knew nothing as we entered through the doors of The Rock…

They did manage to strike a positive note already before entering the stage though, as they used one of the themes from Star Wars as intro music.
After this the band hit us hard with a sort of heavy rock n’ roll, with a hint of power metal showing up once in a while, which had a surprisingly nice groove to it. They themselves label it as Scandinavian melodic metal, and I guess I can accept that.
All labels aside though, the band was creating an ok performance, albeit nothing out of the ordinary, which managed to fill the hall with a very positive atmosphere in spite of the fact that the small crowd was only standing round and did not really do anything. Well, except for some minor sing-along fun during You Can’t Run Away, which is one of those songs you can sing along to the first time you hear it, as was the case for me.

Many of the songs were taken from the bands second, self-titled album (which incidentally is their first full-length release as their debut album (also self-titled) never made it to the public), Black Succubi also had some new material up their sleeve they wanted share with us. It was supported by a very humble comment from vocalist Jan Lundstrøm;

”This is some new stuff, we hope you’ll like it”.

Well, if you like the 2008 release, I’m sure these songs will go down just fine. As far as I could hear, they follow very much the same line as the old material.

In the end, Black Succubi proved a very nice warm-up for Forcentury. They may lay some way away from what I usually listen to, but the atmosphere was good, and they went down well with a pint of beer.


Sin Of Man
Troubled Times
You Can’t Run Away
Dark Side
Strangest Place
Into Oblivion
Time To Get Even
Dream Little Dreamer

Black Succubi

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