Black Leather Machine

Vega, Copenhagen - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Black Leather Machine is a new band from Copenhagen, and they were the lucky ones to be warming up for Ed Kowalczyk (ex-Live) on his solo debut tour, at least at this venue.
I say lucky, as this was a great opportunity for them to reach a whole new crowd, as the show had turned out to be so popular it had been moved from the small concert hall to the large one, which can hold a lot more people!

The hall wasn’t filled when they went on stage, but there were still a whole lot of folks who had arrived in time for both shows, and even though most of them at first struck me as a bit uninterested as they only stood around with a few bobbing heads during the music, the cheers and applause between songs soon convinced me that Black Leather Machine had hit home with large parts of the crowd.
I had listened a bit to the songs presented on the bands MySpace before going, and I must confess that they hadn’t really moved me, but seeing them perform was a whole different experience.
All of the band-members were pretty much into it, but it was their drummer and singer (sadly, I have no names, as they are being rather mysterious about it) who stole the show with their intensity and extraordinary liveliness on stage. It was clear to see that their singer had learned to be a frontman by studying such good examples as Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler; it was mostly the former who shone through, both in the way he moved, but also the general style and atmosphere of the band, and you can’t deny that this is a good goal to shoot for when playing high-octane rock’n’roll music!

Black Leather Machine didn’t have too much time to wow the audience before they had to leave, a total of six songs were played, but they certainly worked well with what they had, and managed to get almost everyone good and warm before the main act was to arrive.
From the short experience I have with the band so far, I must say that it is on a live stage that you need to watch out for them. They brought so much more energy and personality to the table here than what I had heard before, and certainly paid off; just after they had left, I heard several people in the audience mumble about what they had just seen, and how they could find more with this band (tip: next time, bring a backdrop).
A short, but altogether pleasant way of starting the evening…


Into The Fire
Lost Highway
Last Vestige
Rock N’ Roll Dancer
Sex Express

Black Leather Machine

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