Billion Dollar Babies

Aalborg Metal Festival, Denmark - 2016

Text: Lunah Lauridsen Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Another day, another show.
Somehow, the day after seeing the Pain show in Hamburg, I found myself at the Aalborg Metal Festival in Denmark, on which the first day was nearly completely dedicated to the traveling circus that was the Coming Home tour. Thus, after a local opener, about which the less said the better, I now found myself facing the Swedish hard rockers of Billion Dollar Babies once again.

“You know what? It’s pretty cool to come to a country where you’ve never played before, and hear people singing along to the lyrics!”
- Frankie Rich (vocals)

There wasn’t much of a crowd gathered as of yet in the hall of Studenterhuset, where the festival was set (yep, an indoor festival. November tends to be quite nippy in these parts.), but some of them had apparently done their homework.
This pleased the band, which already from the beginning came on stage with the air about them of someone ready to rock! As Pain was not using their entire stage setup this evening, there was for once also space for the band to do so.
In fact, Billion Dollar Babies delivered a quite decent show. It wasn’t as spectacular as their performance from the night before, but still good enough to entertain those who had dropped by. Frankie Rich wasn’t swinging his mic stand around quite as lively, but on the other hand, Pat Kramer’s boot trick finally worked. If you’re wondering what boot trick I mean, you may recall Tobias Nilsson (our usual writer) mentioning something about a few, small puffs of smoke when the band played in Berlin. I didn’t notice it at the time, and neither did it call attention to itself in Hamburg, but here in Aalborg, Kramer’s shin-guards blew out a(n) (un)healthy amount of smoke! Ok, it’s not a big thing, but a fun little detail, I thought.

Billion Dollar Babies was also blessed with a very good sound mix, but on the other hand, the light guy wasn’t all there, so they were playing a pretty dark show, in that respect. I don’t know if it was a local crew running the show, or if the tour had brought their own guys, but the change was clear for anyone seeing more than one show. Which I doubt anyone here, present company excluded, did.

Billion Dollar Babies

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