Metalcamp - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

”We are Belphegor, and we are here to do the devils work!”

After darkness had fallen over the beautiful landscape of the Slovenian Alps, darkness also manifested upon the Main Stage of the festival in the form of Belphegor.
Supported by a very good sound-mix, and of course a still very large and active audience Belphegor started to really bring hell in over paradise, as they blasted their ungodly metal over us with the same strength and vitality I remembered them having as they played in Copenhagen earlier this year.
They played for about an hour, and not once did they let up on the punishment; I was impressed to see how well people took it this late at night.

For my own sake, the day had been a little bit too long, and a little bit too wet to muster any great energy for the show, resulting in me missing the atmosphere this time. Still, it was fun to see them being up to their old tricks with Helmuth getting covered in blood and bringing out the studded bondage hood.
For fans of Belphegor and other night-dwellers, this must have been a good way of opening up for the evil at Metalcamp.

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