Bai Bang

KB, Malmö - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As the metal-queen herself, Doro Pesch, was visiting Malmö in early April, she had picked up a native talent to support her show. This native talent was none other than glam/sleaze veterans Bai Bang (whether or not there is a relationship to the Swedish manufactured toilet paper factory in Vietnam is as of yet unknown…).

Given that Bai Bang have been in the game for a long time, dating all the way back to 1988, and given the fact that they are nearly local heroes at this place, originating from only a few miles north of Malmö, I was surprised to see how few had shown up at the hour of their show. The room was really empty and the few who actually were there spent most of their time in the vicinity of a bar; only a handful of people were gathered in front of the stage, and even these guys were taking easy. How odd.
Now, I admit that this is possibly as far from my taste in metal as you could possibly come, but the band certainly looked the part with their completely care-free mix of outfit-styles (bassist Joacim Sandin is a good example with his chainmail and tophat combo), and they partied out just the way one could expect from a band within this genre, and several of the songs were easily recognizable and quick to get into and sing along to, like F.O.F.D. and I Love The Things You Hate, the latter could easily have fit onto any given Alice Cooper album, to give you an idea of the style.

Bai Bang certainly did what they could with the small and uninterested audience, keeping it professional all the way, and the result was that little by little, more and more people gravitated towards the stage, and even though it never got anywhere near being crowded some shouts and arms were raised into the air, and Bai Bang even got some ‘Nooo’ shouts as vocalist Diddi Kastenholt announced their last song of the evening, the earlier mentioned I Love The Things You Hate. To raise the atmosphere further guitarist Pelle Eliasson went to the edge of the stage and instigated a clap-along which most people were ok with participating in, and upon leaving the stage drummer Johnny Benson took the opportunity to throw his sticks out, just in case some real fans were gathered…
But before all this, Kastenholt also had some touring memories he wanted to share with us, about how Bai Bang had already toured together with Doro in the past, at Wacken among other places. Out of respect for the metal-queen, and the things she had had to go through in order to get where she is today, he dedicated the Bai Bang song Get Off to her as a tribute.

All in all, Bai Bang played a very decent and professional gig, which would most likely have had a larger impact on me, had I had a beer in my hand at the time it was executed…


Party Queen
Are You Ready (I’m Ready)
Born To Rock
Lay Down
Get Off
X-Ray Specs
I Love The Things You Hate

Bai Bang

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