As We Fight

Headbangers Ball, Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As we entered Amager Bio the first band of the night, Pilgrimz, had already finished their set and the second band of the night was getting ready to go on. We quickly grabbed a beer from the bar, shortly browsed the merchandise stand as we passed by and then entered the concert hall.

The band that would play next was the Danish death/metalcore act As We Fight, a band which has risen high in fame in Denmark through the last couple of years, probably due to heavy touring and appearing in the right places, such as the Danish Metal Awards (where they won the Best Live Act in 2006 and tonight's MTV's Headbanger's Ball tour).
As We Fight had a lot to offer as a warm-up act for the more established acts to come, Agnostic Front and Obituary. Their hard and fast music worked well this night, and the energy of especially the two lead singers, Esben Elnegaard Kjær Hansen and Jesper Vincencio Gün, was not to be taken lightly.

Although, despite the bands bravest efforts there wasn't much of a response from the, as of yet, quite small audience which was gathered. The room was only about half-filled, and the ones that had come were not taking a very active role in the concert. Only a small group of teenagers which had formed a mosh-pit in front of the stage was showing some signs of appreciation. And as I said, it wasn't because of lack of trying from the bands side. Between songs they were trying hard to get people to move bit closer and get with the action; hell, Jesper even turned some cartwheels on the stage! Also, as a sign of good will some of them stayed behind after their show to hang out a bit and talk to the fans.

It was better than I had expected, and even though this night's response was lukewarm at the best, they definitely showed that they knew what they were doing.


Dead End Streets
Slay The First Born
Pull Me Asunder
Join The Killing Spree
Breathe The Disease
Catalyst Of Terror

As We Fight

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