Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Orphaned Land’s Denmark date on their The Road To Or-Shalem tour was near a disastrous end when The Rock, the venue they were supposed to play, went under and called it quits only a few days before the show was about to take place.
Luckily, the show was saved at the very last minute, moved to the newly re-opened Pumpehuset, and everyone was good to go again.

First band of the night to play was Artweg from France, a sort of hardcore/metalcore outfit with five members, two of which were vocalists.
To be honest, I don’t think many people here had heard about these guys before, and I am certain not many had afterwards either; you see, sadly for the band, the turn-out at this point of the evening was very poor indeed, only a handful or so of people were standing around in the concert hall, all with a respectable distance to the stage.
This didn’t discourage the band from trying to deliver a kick-ass show though; even though the small stage didn’t leave much room to move about on, the play between the two vocalists, Akonit and Mugen as they call themselves (Akonit being the small guy and Mugen the larger one), was filled with energy and reached well beyond the limits of the stage. Heck, Akonit even managed some jumping in some of the songs, which was impressive in the way that he didn’t knock anything over in doing so!
The other musicians were a bit more restricted in their performance, but as I mentioned, there wasn’t much room for anything else.

Artweg had a hard time with the audience though; not only were the visitors few in numbers, but the music didn’t seem to catch on – a few spread applause here and there was all it amounted to. In the beginning at least...
You see, even though what Artweg was delivering was stylistically far from what was the common red thread of the evening, their music and even more so their energy and spirit was catching on in the audience the further into the set we got, and I was surprised to see Akonit actually being successful in his wish for people to move closer! Clearly the band was doing something right; they may not have been the most appreciated band of the evening, but they obviously did their job of warming people up well enough to get the party started.

Now, I would almost go as far as comparing the mix of Artweg and the rest of the bands as having B.B. King supporting a Justin Bieber show; we were essentially talking about two different worlds here.
It may also be said that I found no real news in the music delivered by the French band, but even with this their performance also grew on me, and the members of Artweg also seemed to be happy with the deliverance. They were at least happy to shake hands with everyone they could before leaving the stage, and could be found roaming the hall for the rest of the evening, glad to have a chat with anyone interested.


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