Amon Amarth

Copenhell - 2019

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Returning to Copenhell for their third time, each time with a three year interval, were the mighty viking warriors of Amon Amarth. Their arrival, as always, was met with anticipation and revel among the Danish troops.

“God aften Danmark! God aften Copenhell! Hvordan har I det, går det godt?”
- Johan Hegg (vocals)

The leader of the gang, Johan Hegg, saluted his minions in their (our?) native language, but changed to English after that, so as not to confuse himself, according to himself.
But that wasn't the first thing that met us. No, the first thing we saw was a large curtain covering the stage, a curtain branded with the two ᚫ runes of the band. When that fell away, the stage was revealed to us, which was similarly decorated with the viking helm drum podium, and a stylish backdrop depicting a lone warrior standing in the rain.
We didn't have much time to admire the increasingly intricate visuals of the band however, as the show commenced, and cheering erupted as the musicians took the stage.
Fresh off the presses, was the band's latest record, Berserker, and the day would hold a bit that in store for us, but in order to kick things into gear, or tip the oars in the water as it were, Amon Amarth presented us with a live classic, The Pursuit Of Vikings. The viking party was a given at this point.

I said we weren't given more time to enjoy the visual side of Amon Amarth, but here I only meant before the music began.
As has become the norm, the band treated us as much of a performance, as they did with music. They invited us to sing along (contrary to all the other times where we just sang along anyway) in Deceiver Of The Gods. There was a deadly viking battle during The Way Of Vikings, and the new song Shield Wall saw the vikings making just that, a shield wall. Jörmungandr made its usual appearance for Twilight Of The Thunder God, but Hegg in all his excitement forgot to fight it off. This does not bode well for our continued existence, I'm afraid.
Spread through the entire show, was the well known Amon Amarth pyro show, reaching its peak in Death In Fire (as if we needed more heat by this time), and if all of these things weren't enough, there were also interchangeable backdrops to keep us entertained. The Berserker cover art showed up at one point, and of course the Twilight Of The Thunder God as well, in addition to what's been mentioned earlier.

The band played well, not surprisingly as they are a well-oiled machine by now, and the setlist held more live staples than new material, but more importantly, they also brought their performing strength to the front. Especially Johan Hegg had a visibly good time playing for us, and when he was joined on stage by L.G. Petrov for Guardians Of Asgaard, all hell broke loose - in the best possible way, of course.
The audience had broken loose as well - the constant singing has already been mentioned, but there was of course also moshpits, circlepits, and the ever constant crowdsurfing to keep us all active. If for a second someone thought of slowing to catch their breath, the band would help out with an instruction of what to do, as they did with Crack The Sky, in which everyone should jump.

“Well, this was fun!”
- Hegg (vocals)

Johan Hegg wasn't lying, when he thus summed up the show. He had clearly had a lot of fun today (or he's a damn good actor), and the best part is that we did as well.
There weren't any great musical revelations, except for the new songs added to the set, but it was a solid list of classics, and combined with a band that seemed excited to be here, as well as a truck load (or several) of visual treats, this was bound to be one of the more uplifting shows of the festival, and a worthy addition the final day on the main stage.


The Pursuit Of Vikings
Deceiver Of The Gods
First Kill
The Way Of Vikings
Crack The Sky
Death In Fire
Shield Wall
Raven's Flight
Guardians Of Asgaard (feat. L.G. Petrov)
Raise Your Horns
Twilight Of The Thunder God

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