KB, Malmö - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Ah, back in KB again and this time to watch the great Danish rock band D-A-D (or Disneyland After Dark as they started out). Supporting them for the evening was a to me unknown Swedish hard rock band called Ammotrack, which by their own words are “the new stars on the Swedish rock-heaven!”. Not a bad confidence, considering they have only been around since 2005, but I guess it comes with the territory and the style.

KB was filled to around a third of its capacity when Ammotrack took the stage, and they came on fast and without any intros or presentation to announce the start of the concert.
This was quickly forgotten because the band came on strong with all the power they had to give; of course, this was the first show of the tour and they were loaded with energy.
However, this was strangely not reflected in the audience, who seemed to take little or no notice of the band. Not even when vocalist Mikael De Bruin tried starting up a shout for D-A-D he and his crew got much response from the assembled crowd.
Sure, the amount of people grew steadily and towards the end of the show the room was filled to at least three quarters, probably even more; and it wasn’t until this late hour when the band announced that they were getting off stage that the crowd woke up and started shouting requests for more songs. But by then it was a bit too late I’m afraid...

Visually Ammotrack surprised me. Even though their music was tight enough, style-wise (clothing and such) they seemed to point in every direction. Sure, De Bruin was a very charismatic and true to the bone frontman, but bassist Jonas Jeppsson looked like he would more belong in some melodeath constellation. And he was in stark contrast to Simon Roxx, the Easy Action guitarist on loan to the band as their own guitarist had left the band shortly before. Roxx looked very glam, as he should be considering his main band.
And Anders Franssohn? Well, drummers are always insane, aren’t they?

Musically Ammotrack didn’t touch me that much, as I’m not really into hard rock right now, but I must hand it to them that it was a very competent gig which deserved more appreciation from their onlookers than it got.
And as they have just gotten into the prestigious Swedish chart P3 Tracks with their new single A Bigger Bang I believe we have just seen the start of Ammotrack’s career.


Scream For Your Mother
Warm Up
Back On Track
A Bigger Bang
Hey Baby


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