All That Remains

Copenhell - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

We actually chose to see All That Remains on a whim; there was a break between bands we had planned to see, and as we had nothing better to do we decided to check them out. All That Remains is a band I had little or no real knowledge of from earlier. I believe they have been featured in Guitar Hero (the song Six in Guitar Hero II), but that’s about it I must confess. Still, there is time to learn, right?

All That Remains was one of the few bands we got to see on Hades, the smaller of the two large stages, and I must say that the pressure was on! It was intensely crowded as the band came on and kicked off hard and fast, unrelentingly beating us with their metalcore/melodeath hybrid of music.
The band-members proved to be a very lively bunch of people, which is always appreciated from my side, and the crowd certainly enjoyed themselves as well. The moshpit was a certain fact throughout the concert, and when asked by vocalist Philip Labonte a host of hands with their devil-horns raised went flying into the air. Who could ask for a much better response than that?
Labonte was quite happy to speak between songs, but if my ears were not deceiving me I believe he made one small yet grave mistake at one point; it sounded like he greeted us as Sweden! Fairs fair, the man had been at Sweden’s Metaltown festival the day just before this, and probably hasn’t studied the Nordic geography in depth, but still…

On the other hand, All That Remains had a lot of good things going for them; they knew how to behave on stage, they had a very good sound despite it being an open air festival and Labonte was good at connecting with the crowd. The fans were very dedicated as well, but for me there was only one slight problem with it; I didn’t feel the music. Oh, I could hear it loud and clear, but it never got under my skin, and this sadly resulted in me not connecting with the show very well, and forgetting most of it soon after it was done.
The setlist wasn’t really to keep track of either, but I do recall the names Six and The Last Time popping by.
Who knows, maybe I should just stick to the game version of the band?

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