Agnostic Front

Brutal Afterparty - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After the excellent show the day before, where Agnostic Front ended the Brutal Assault festival for us, we were more than looking forward to seeing them in action once more. The weather, as I’ve mentioned in the festival report, was not about to cut them any slack however.

The rain was trying to drown us all, there was simply water everywhere all the time, and in addition to the meagre lights the stage held, the entire Czech sky was alight with the wildest thunder and lightning display I have ever witnessed!
If something, this only made me more impressed with the crowd which ran out of hiding just to get up in front of the stage, under the open sky. It tells something about the attraction this band held at this place, and I must admit that this was what I would consider the perfect surrounding for this band. A real good old run-down punk backyard kind of setting, run solely on heart and alcohol.

I can’t imagine that the overwhelming response from the crowd, in spite of the general condition, didn’t have a positive effect on the band. They were so full of energy I couldn’t believe it! No matter what was going on around them, they just kept right on blasting hardcore to the fans, just the way it’s supposed to be.
One event in particular stuck with me better than any other; as the song Gotta Go came on, the entire crowd, more or less, stormed the stage in pure frenzy and jumped side to side with the band-members, who didn’t seem to mind at all. Even the mic was taken from Roger Miret, and all vocals were from that point handled by various members of the crowd, at least until the end of the song. What was really cool as well was to see that the security, although keeping a watchful eye open, could see that the situation was all in good spirits, and let the crowd have its fun, as nothing was going out of order anyway. I don’t believe I have seen something like this ever before in all the concerts I’ve been to, and it was truly an amazing feeling.

Towards the end the weather was clearing up a little, and even though it was still pouring down, it was still enough for the band, probably high on the response and praise they were getting, to decide to play a long, unplanned encore. They even got to play on even though the outdoor stage needed to shut down for the night; all due to the incredible atmosphere.
If you have already read my report from their Brutal Assault concert, you should know that I was pretty taken with that one, but this was still so much better in every way; the place, the crowd, the atmosphere and last but certainly not least the band itself made this one hell of a night to remember!

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