Metalcamp - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Under the slogan ’Support Novesian Black Metal’ we felt it was necessary to get up early and check out what the first band of the day on the Main Stage was all about.
Maybe it would turn out to be good, maybe it wouldn’t, and maybe I would actually find out what the heck Novesian meant…

Well, first of all, it turned out that Novesia is a district of Germany, where the band hails from.
Now that we have this established, let’s move on to the show…
Despite very good efforts from the band at promoting their gig, there weren’t a whole lot of people present as they began playing. Ok, so it was still rather early by festival standards, and the sun was already scorching the sky and ground, so I guess many were down by the river instead of watching these youngsters desecrate whatever holiness may have been left at the festival-grounds. Those who had shown up were mostly huddling together in the shade, a place the band would have fit better in as well.

Abstinenz delivered a competent and rather varied no-nonsense black metal gig; they didn’t really bring anything new to the table, but made good do with what they had.
Visually they were like so many other bands of the genre, not really working in the light of day. Ok, so they had made an effort, looking at vocalist Herjan’s mic-stand with its inverted crucifix and barbwire told me as much, but the watercolour or whatever it was they were using for blood effect didn’t work at all, especially as it turned a shocking pink as it ran down their pale bodies…
Still, the music should be what matters the most, and I’m sure they will please many connoisseurs of the genre, as they were technically and melodically competent enough.

Without being really gripping, this was still an ok way to start the day, at least Abstinenz turned out to hold more than I had thought they would, which was a clear positive.

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