Award-winning photography

2014 is a good year to be the photographer of Metalmoments!

At least, the praise for Lunah Lauridsen’s work seems to know no end. In a recent article we could tell you about her winning a position in the international photo competition “Picture the Music”.
This time, Lunah Lauridsen has won the “Best Live Photo” award, and the very prestigious “Music Photo of the Year” award in the GAFFA Photo Competition. You may remember GAFFA being mentioned in earlier articles, where Lunah Lauridsen has provided them with photos for various assignments.

Lunah Lauridsen’s own description of the photo reads;
“The photo is of Jacob Binzer from D-A-D, who is in the middle of performing his classical end-of-the-show ritual, which at this point not only concludes this concert in Den Grå Hal, but the entire Danish leg of their 30 years anniversary club tour.”
Gaffa Photo Award 2014Music photo of the year, Best live photo

This is what the jury had to say about the photo;
“Extremely well-composed, an almost graphic photo with a strong dynamic. In its simplicity the photo leads our thoughts to H.C. Andersen’s paper clippings, helped well on the way by Cobber’s tophat. The photographer has acted in a quick-witted manner and has pushed the shutter at exactly the right moment. In short; nicely captured.”

We here at Metalmoments are of course immensely proud of this achievement, and will duly celebrate Lunah Lauridsen with all good things we can think up!

To read the full review of the concert, click here, and for GAFFA’s article (in Danish), please click here

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